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Aki and Aoi find the Hypno Room
It was just a normal day when it all started. Aki and Aoi were walking one day when they saw a sign that read "Test your bravery in Doctor Shade's Haunted House! If you can make it all the way through without fear, fabulous prizes are yours!" Tempted by the challenge Aki grabbed Aoi by the arm and ran her all the way to the address listed on the sign!
"I don't know about this Aki" Aoi told her friend shakily "I'm not a fan of these haunted houses, I don't think I'd last long in this challenge."
"Don't be a fraidy-cat, Aoi!" Aki replied "These things are super fake, you can always tell if you look close enough. This'll be a piece of cake trust me!" she said with confidence.
Aoi had shivers running up her spine just from looking at the old and dingy looking outside of the building, but she saw the eager look on Aki's face as she imagined the special prizes she would get for winning. She didn't want to disappoint her, so she took a deep breath and decided to go along with this.
:iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 16 1
[Commission] Lofn by MIXSAN [Commission] Lofn :iconmixsan:MIXSAN 10 2
Sick as a dog Anthro TF TG story
    “Theater 8 on the right, have a good day.” Johnny smiled as he ripped the ticket and handed the stub back to the customer. As soon as they walked passed him, he sighed. “I so need to find another job.” He mumbled as another person walked up to him. He quickly put on his fake smile and continued the routine. “Have a wonderful day.” He said as they left.
    “Well I suppose it could be worse, I could be..”
    “JOHN!” A voice cut off his thoughts, as he mentally groaned. He recognized the voice of his boss. “John, I need you to run concessions tonight and tomorrow.” He stated
    John froze a bit as horror overcame him from hearing the news. “Tomorrow?” He gulped.
    “Yes tomorrow, I need you back there on premier night. MIDNIGHT release, don't be late.”
    “Of co
:iconaphoenixofbluefire:aPhoenixOfBlueFire 85 6
DaBoyz by Da-Fuze DaBoyz :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 91 5
Milking it (Anthro Cow TF/TG) [TRADE] [TF MONTH]
Tyler was a game designer. He had actually becoming a very popular one in recent years. Originally he designed a few simple mobile games, which quietly came and went. However he hit big with one of them, and everyone had it on their phone. And has such, Tyler blew up as a developer. With his new found popularity and money he could finally the design the big games he wanted. 
So he did. With the recent success of his mobile game he was able to self fund the game, and release it as an indie. Once again, this would blow up even more. Various popular online personalities played it, and they would only make the popularity of the game skyrocket, and it gave Tyler more than a pretty penny. 
It was so much that he immediately went to work designing a sequel. He liked seeing that money roll in. The sequel would be released only 3 months later, to just as good numbers. Some would criticize how soon the sequel was made, but fans of the series overshadowed that, still praising it. Yet ag
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 105 15
Invention of the Week #1: Maid Machine (TF/TG)
Hello! I'm Amelia and I invent things. Sure things can backfire, boy do I know but luckily I've worked out the kinks in my devices that'll allow people to revert back if the things I make don't work the way they should. Sure it's a little too late for me but eh, I'm used to it by now. Oh yeah! You probably don't know what I'm talking about on account of this is a journal, so...due to an accident while making a formula to allow communication with animals, rodents maybe there may of been a pretty bad mixture? Long story short it made me into a rat. Still walk like a human would, just have a tail and muzzle now. Also wasn't always an Amelia on an account I used to be male. Not sure why that happened either. I COULD find a formula to fix all this but then I wouldn't be a lab rat would I?
Besides the point, I have my first invention I'm going public with, and if there's enough interest in it I'll be able to bring it to market! Look forward to that if the time comes. You'll be able to read s
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 43 9
The Transformation Sprays (Various TF/TGs) [E-COM]
Leroy looked down at the e-mail he received and back up to the building. This was the place. He had recently gotten a job there namely to film commercials for it. The shop was fairly recent, it had been around for a few months now with the simple title of "Jesse and Jessica's Transformation Sprays." The logo was two raccoon faces, one male and one female both looking quite happy albeit the female's happiness seemed forced. He took a deep breath and walked into the store. 
It looked a lot like a storage unit, there was wooden shelves everywhere with various kinds of sprays, all labeled differently. Some of them included "characters," "anthros," and "inanimate." They were contained in bottles not unlike deodorant with pictures of various animals and characters on it. Leroy picked a few up of them and examined them, not much was explained on them. He shrugged it off and figured the shop owner would tell him more. 
As if on cue, he would walk out from the back of the shop. Howeve
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 57 15
GL Horse Anthro TF TG p6 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p6 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 528 41 GL Horse Anthro TF TG p5 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p5 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 505 13 GL Horse Anthro TF TG p4 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p4 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 474 3 GL Horse Anthro TF TG p3 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p3 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 555 25 GL Horse Anthro TF TG p2 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p2 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 463 11 GL Horse Anthro TF TG p1 by AkuOreo GL Horse Anthro TF TG p1 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 492 23 AkuOreo by animeandrew1 AkuOreo :iconanimeandrew1:animeandrew1 11 2 :Commission: Role Reversal Part 9 by AllyMoodyNeko
Mature content
:Commission: Role Reversal Part 9 :iconallymoodyneko:AllyMoodyNeko 242 9
:Commission: Role Reversal Part 8 by AllyMoodyNeko
Mature content
:Commission: Role Reversal Part 8 :iconallymoodyneko:AllyMoodyNeko 209 5




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